I left the blocks out for a day to think about the problem I was having.


After a lot of deliberation and some input from trusted counselors, I’ve decided that I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t fix the pinwheel blocks. I know DH would prefer it if I would just move on and get these blocks off the floor. But it would drive me crazy to see that glaring mistake all the time!!

I arranged all the blocks that are correct and realized that I only had nine blocks that needed to be disassembled. And they only need to be split into quarters and then the quarters flipped to face the right way and resewn. Not too dreadful!!

So last night I did the un-sewing while watching some television. And I hope that I can get them resewn today. Then I can finally do what I set out to do and get the blocks all sewn into a flimsy.


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