Get It Done – August 2016

Be a Pineapple

The beginning of another month. Do you feel the wind blowing softly against your face as the time rushes by? We are already into the eighth month of the year!! Didn’t 2016 just start about a week ago!?!

Anyway, let’s review the goals I had set for July:

1) Assemble Aqua Ocean Waves blocks into a flimsy – NOPE – I just never sat down and did this. I’m ‘this’ close to getting another flimsy, but still didn’t do it. Arg!

2) Finish quilting my Tumalo Trails quilt – DONE – Not only quilted, but bound as well. Another finished quilt!! Yay me!!

3) Start making kits for another new project – I’ve been collecting fabrics for quite a while, so I think it’s time to actually start. – DONE – I’ve been cutting for the blue and cheddar quilt and have quite a bit ready to start sewing. I’m sort of saving this to work on if we go on a camping trip anytime soon. We were hoping to go this week, but things didn’t work out that way.

4) 10 hexie flowers – DONE – I’ve been working steadily on this and it’s really starting to come together. I’ll be able to reveal the finished project (hopefully) by the end of the year!

Not too shabby – I managed 75% completion. Would helping Mom with her project count as extra credit!?!

Now let’s move on to the goals I’ll set for August.

1) Okay, once more I’m going to try to get Aqua Ocean Waves to the flimsy stage.
2) I’m going to put the 50th birthday quilt on the list again – maybe I can get it quilted this time.
3) Put together project board (I’ll describe in detail after the list.)
4) 10 more flowers

That should keep me busy for a the month!

And now the details about the project board.

Some of you may remember that I had used a white board to record all the quilt projects that I had in the works.


Well, a couple things happened that caused me to rethink the white board idea. One – every time I went to erase one of the items because it had been completed, I had a difficult time. Because the writing had been on the board so long, the dry erase ink didn’t come off easily. This was slightly annoying. Two – about a month ago DS#3 and his band were here at the house, practicing and they needed something to make notes on, that would be large enough for them all to see. I took a picture of the white board and then erased everything, so the guys could use it for their practice. (Gasp!!) But then I’ve been procrastinating about re-writing the list for two reasons. One – I tend to procrastinate and just haven’t done it and two – what if the guys come here for practice again!?! Then I’d have to erase it again and go through all of this work once more.

So, I finally put my thinking cap on and tried to come up with another idea and I think I’ve got it!!! I have two cork board squares that I got from the Dollar store and I have lots of scrapbook paper. What if I decorated the cork board somehow and then wrote each project on a slip of scrapbook paper, then pinned it on the board? Wouldn’t that look nice!?! And then I don’t have to erase anything, ever. I could just take off a slip whenever the project finally gets finished and pin up a new one when I start a project.

Sometimes my genius scares me!!!! HA-HA!!!

Hopefully I’ll get it done this month so I can fill it up with all the projects – I listed them in a notebook and I’ve got 29 right now. I’m not sure how that is happening, because I’ve finished a few things already this year, so the list should be shrinking. But it has grown, because I started out with 27 projects. Okay, I had to add the Blue and Cheddar quilt, which I just started cutting for. Oh, and I discovered the Red and yellow quilt that I started a few years ago and never had on the list. And . . . you get the picture, I’m sure.


One thought on “Get It Done – August 2016

  1. You go, Girl!! I like the cork board idea. I was trying to think of something similar to keep me on track because we all know that’s necessary :)) Maybe you can use a section of the board for “Goals for the Month” to keep reminding you? See you soon!


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