Last Weekend – Part 2 

Free fabric!

DH, his brother and I made a quick trip over the weekend. Their aunt had some things they needed to pick up. She included some things for me. Woo-hoo! 

The wider fabric is almost four yards. The narrower is two yards plus some scraps. It is fortuitous that I just started work on my blue and cheddar quilt, so I have two more blues to add to the mix! Yay! Of course, I’ll only use 1 1/2″ of each one for this quilt, so there will be plenty for other projects!!!

I spent most of yesterday helping mom with her project, so today I need to get caught up on a bunch of stuff.


2 thoughts on “Last Weekend – Part 2 

  1. I have something for you from cleaning lady. Pieces for quilting and some is already cut out. If you can’t use it I bet you would know someone who can. See you at T-giving!


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