Get It Done – July 2016

We all face the choice

Time to review how I did with last month’s goals:

For June I’d like to:

1) Finish Aqua blocks – DONE – Thanks to Bev and Barb coming down and staying for the weekend, I was able to get all the blocks assembled!! Thanks, girls, for keeping me on task.

2) Finish Christmas blocks – DONE – They’re turned in and Martha can do with them what she will.

3) Load and quilt 50th Birthday quilt – NOPE – but that was because I wanted to keep the FunQuilter open for Bev to use.

4) 10 hexie flowers – DONE – I’ve been doing a lot of hand sewing, so I managed more than 10 this time.

Do I get extra credit for helping Bev get her Tumalo Trails quilt finished? She came here on Friday with a flimsy and left on Sunday with a finished quilt – quilted on the FunQuilter, then bound and labeled.

Moving on to what the goals for July will be:

1) Assemble Aqua Ocean Waves blocks into a flimsy
2) Finish quilting my Tumalo Trails quilt
3) Start making kits for another new project – I’ve been collecting fabrics for quite a while, so I think it’s time to actually start.
4) 10 hexie flowers

secretary at desk

It’s a work day today.


One thought on “Get It Done – July 2016

  1. Good for you finishing most of what you set out to do. Silly question….why did June # 3 not make the July list ?? My UFO pile is growing, working on 3 projects seriously at once; with many more 1/2 done ones in the wings.


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