The Quilt Retreat that Was

Heart on the beach

Bev and Barb were able to come down this past weekend and have a little retreat, since our GRQR didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Bev brought her Tumalo Trails top to load on the Fun Quilter. I think she was a little nervous to start, but she caught on very quickly:


Barb and I heard her saying, “I am in love!” She finished the quilting in just a few hours and wanted to do some more. She said she’d be happy to quilt one of my tops as payment for letting her use the long arm. So we loaded my Tumalo Trails:


Well, that must have been more than the Fun Quilter wanted to do, because she started having tension problems. So I’ll finish it up sometime soon and then the frame will be open for whoever wants to try it the next time.

Barb was working on the Pink quilt:


This is a gift for her daughter, so I can’t show the whole thing. Because you never know when someone might check out my blog and then spoil the surprise.

I worked on the Aqua Ocean Waves blocks. I’ve made a good bit of progress, although it’s not as far along as I’d hoped it would be.


All that is showing in the photo is what I need to finish – all the components to make the top are right there. Well, except for a border, but I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that yet. Since the pattern is pretty busy, I think I’ll probably just do a plain, narrow border to finish the edges.

On Saturday evening, we all decided to go out and sit on the new patio with some hand sewing. Bev and I had our hexies and Barb was sewing the sashing on the pink quilt (she’s doing it QAYG, so there’s the back sashing to stitch by hand.) As we were chatting, I mentioned an older project that I need to finish sometime – the Waiting Room quilt.


Bev and Barb suggested that I just use it as a bed runner. That was a fantastic idea. I like to have a little something more over my feet in the winter, but I don’t want a full quilt. This will work perfectly!! So I “finished” another project this weekend and can cross it off the list! Thanks ladies, it’s always good to brainstorm with you!


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