Quilt Group Meeting

I haven’t had much sewing time lately. But I did manage to go to our meeting last night. Yay!

Karen gave a demo on how to use the Hearts and More rulers. That was very interesting. I might have to get a set sometime (after I finish some of my many other projects.)

Diane (I apologize if that isn’t her name. I try to remember, but it doesn’t always work.) showed us her latest quilt:


I love the colors and the scrappiness.

Joann also showed a quilt that I loved, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo. Well, I was admiring it so much I forgot to snap a pic.

I only managed to turn in two pet beds and the ding-dang Christmas blocks that I was supposed to turn in last month. I had such trouble with them – they just fought with me the whole time I was working on them. But they’re finally done and out of here! Yay!

Well, I really need to get some work done for Boss #1 today. Too bad I can’t just sew all day. 😦



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