Allietare – In the Home Stretch

Press On

One of the things that I did manage to do while we were trying to pull off the GRQR, was move forward on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt – Allietare.


Bonnie had made a serpentine edge on the outer border, so I decided I would try that, too. Only problem – I hadn’t saved the templates that she had on her website.

But I am nothing, if not adaptable!! I got out some plates and bowls to find just the right curve that I wanted to use – turns out a salad plate was perfect. Used a white pencil to mark the curves, stay stitched on the line, cut the curve and sewed on a bias binding.


I originally thought I would use gold for the binding, but I’m much more pleased with the black.


Since the weather has been a little nicer lately, I’ve been carrying my quilt outside to sew the binding. It’s pleasant to feel the warm breeze, smell the fresh air and listen to the birds singing in the trees.

I’ve got one more side to stitch down and then it will be finished!!!


One thought on “Allietare – In the Home Stretch

  1. The curved edge does lend a softness to a very graphic quilt. I have mine at that “last border point” too. I want to add 1 more border to make it a king. I have picked out fabric, but it feels to “flat” to me. I really need to shop for the “right” fabric for my final border; and measure it up again to see how much I need. Yours looks great. 🙂


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