The Great Retirement Quilt Retreat

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My very dear friend, Barb, was able to retire at the end of April. She told me that her plan was to quilt for the entire month of May. So I started making plans to help enable her. We were going to have a full week retreat to celebrate her retirement!! The plan was this: On Monday Barb would drive down, get settled in and we would start sewing. She and I would have had a few days together. On Thursday we were going on a road trip to pick up the third member of our quilting trio, Bev. We were going to take a trip to a LQS that we all particularly like, just in case we needed to stock up on some newer fabrics! Then, after getting back Thursday afternoon, we were going to sew for the rest of the weekend.

Doesn’t that sound just divine!?!

Well, I certainly think that it would have been!

Sometimes things don’t go the way they were planned.

First, Barb had car trouble and couldn’t get here until Monday evening. That was just a little hiccup – no big deal. We set up and got to work.


Barb brought seven different projects to work on – she didn’t want to run out of things to do! I was just as bad. Although I didn’t have to pack my things and take them, I had plans to get quite a lot done – a lot more than would be humanly possible!

But then other things happened.

Uncle Orville

On Tuesday, we got a call that DH’s uncle had been called home to the Lord. Uncle Orville (or Uncle Ornery, as some of the kids called him) was a pastor in the Methodist Church. He officiated for our wedding. He had a dry sense of humor and liked to tease the children (hence the nickname.) He will be sadly missed.

Barb diplomatically decided to withdraw from the retreat so that we would be able to concentrate on family. We called Bev and explained what had happened and decided to make plans for another time when we would all be able to have fun stitching.

So the GRQR fizzled out, but we’ll try again another time!


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