Getting It Done – May (Part 2)

My Rememberer

It took me a week to realize that I had reviewed what I accomplished with my April goals but I never listed my goals for May. Geezy- peezy! With a memory like that I could plan my own surprise party!

So, without further delay, here are the four quilt related goals that I would like to accomplish in May:

1) I want to get the binding on the Allietare mystery quilt. DH has been waiting patiently (mostly because I’ve been cleaning more than I’ve been sewing lately and he’s always good with that!) But it’s time to have it finished and usable.
2) I’d like to assemble all the blocks for my Aqua Ocean Waves quilt. I had finished what I though were all the HST for it last month, but now I’ve found I didn’t cut enough. So there is plenty more piecing to do.
3) I have two blocks that I need to finish and turn in at our next quilt meeting which is tomorrow night – nothing like waiting until the last minute!!
4) As always, I would like to get at least 10 hexie flowers done to add to the “mothership” which will eventually be a large wall hanging or throw quilt.

There, now it’s official, this is what I need to concentrate on in May!!

Oh, and I have to concentrate on “The Great Retirement Quilting Retreat”, too!!! Barb, I hope you’ve been able to have some fun and relaxation now that you don’t have to do the 9-5 thing anymore! We’ll have to start making our meal plans for the “GRQR” Give me a call or send me an email.


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