Thanks for the Memories

Sometimes I feel like I am on an archaeological dig while I am going through all these boxes of scraps. I’ve found leftover pieces from projects of long ago.


Ends of strips sets from the Chinese Coin quilt I made for my youngest grandson (He’ll be 10 this year.) It was hot summertime when I was making this, so I took everything out to the camper, which had air conditioning, so that I wouldn’t swelter with all that fabric.

Six Pointed Star

More pieces of strip sets – I remember sewing this when DD was little. My sewing room was next to her bedroom and to get her to go to sleep, I would tell her I would be right there sewing. Only trouble was, if I stopped the machine for more than a minute or two, she would get out of bed to make sure I was still there!!! 🙂

Waiting Room

I found a pile of cut hexies. Why hadn’t they been sewn into this quilt? One reason could be that I had cut too many and threw them in with the scraps. But the real reason is, I just haven’t finished this one yet. I call this my waiting room quilt and I took it to many doctor and hospital waiting rooms when my in-laws were in failing health. After they passed, I didn’t have the heart to work on this any more and moved on to other projects. Maybe I’ll be motivated to finish this once the clean out has finished.

Christmas block

There have also been a lot of orphan blocks in amongst the scraps. They are getting set aside in one place. Somehow I’m going to have to figure out a way to set them all together in a crazy kind-of quilt. I made this to try out a pattern I drafted before I made an “official” block. This one went to the scrap bin, the “official” one went to a Christmas block exchange which someone from our group won – I think it was Thelma. I wonder if she ever put the blocks together and finished the quilt.

Well, I’m supposed to be working for Boss #1 today, so I better get on that.


Whirlwind of Happiness

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