Get It Done for March

First of the month, so I need to review the goals.

For February I wanted to:
1) Quilt the Amish quilt – if I don’t get it done this time, I may just have to take it off the frame and put it in time out, because I have other flimsies that really need to get quilted. DONE!!! Finally it is finished!!! Yay!!!

2) Help a lady with a quilting project that she started – she would like to have it finished by the end of this month. That is a reasonable goal, so we just have to schedule some time to do it. – Not yet – we didn’t get together until last night and there was no way to get it all finished. We’re going to do more tonight.

3) Hand sewing – 10 more hexie flowers. – DONE, I worked on these the past few evenings and got it finished.

4) Quilt Allietare – I really want to take it to the cabin and replace the quilt that is there now: Well no, I didn’t get this one finished.

So 50% completion rate.

But I did get the one Tumolo Trails quilt finished!! So that is my extra credit. I also ordered backing fabric for five of the flimsies that are waiting to be done. So, I may just roll right through a bunch in the next few weeks.

Goals for March:
1) Finish helping my friend with her project
2) Quilt Allietare
3) Quilt one other flimsy
4) 10 hexie flowers

I’m at work for Boss #2, so I better actually work!


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