All But the Binding

Three cheers for me!!! I’ve got the Amish quilt off the frame!!!


I cannot remember when I started this quilt. Sometime after 1992, when I first started working in the real estate office. I know I got the fabric from one of the agents that was also a quilter. She had some huge boxes that were filled with factory remnants and she sold me one. I had been working there for a few years before I found out she was a quilter, so I might have bought the fabric in 1998 or 1999. It took a while for me to decide how to use those pieces. But I came up with this pattern.

I remember sewing some of the blocks when we went on a camping trip to Ohio in Holmes County which was in 2002. I had just purchased a Featherweight on ebay and was using it to sew the blocks.

Once I finished the top, it languished in the closet for quite a while because I had no way to quilt it. I couldn’t do it by hand because the fabric is actually a twill, not quilting cotton. So it’s heavy and difficult to hand sew. I didn’t want to wrestle it through my domestic machine. And I was trying to convince DH that I needed a long arm. So it sat for a few years.

Finally, last year – I’m not sure which month – I loaded it on the frame and started the quilting. But I had some difficulties with the thread breaking and the machine acting up, so it got shoved to the back burner once again.

But now, on February 9, 2016, all the quilting is done! All I need to do is the Binding and it will be a usable quilt.


Here’s a close up of the quilting – don’t be too critical, I’m relatively new at long arming.



4 thoughts on “All But the Binding

  1. Hooray! Doesn’t it feel good to be done with it? Now you can move on to the others you have waiting. Speaking if waiting…can’t wait to see you and Bev soon!!!!!


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