Snowy Weekend

The storm hit, as predicted and the snow got higher and higher, as predicted. It caused my plans to change. I was hoping that Bev and Barb would be here for the weekend, so that we could spend the time sewing. But they couldn’t get here before the storm and they certainly weren’t going to drive here after the storm started!!!

Since DH and DS#2 make their living in the winter by plowing out driveways and parking areas, I got to have two of my DGC for a visit instead. DGC#3 wanted to sew:


We started a project to make foursies that will be used in charity quilts. She had lots of fun going through my scraps to match up strips – one neutral, one color which I then pressed and sub cut. We finished more than enough foursies to make a child size quilt.

While DGC#3 was sewing, DGC#5 was out in the snow. He helped the neighbor shovel out the driveway:



they were shoveling from in front of the porch on the mobile home at the right to just past the fifth wheel on the left. I kept thinking that I did not want to go ANYWHERE that badly!!!!

I tried to take some pictures of the moon last night:



I was too lazy to go out in all the snow, so I was taking them through the window. They would have been better if I had been outside instead. But I liked the look of the moon through the icicles. Then Norman decided I needed to pay attention to him:


Silly kitty!



One thought on “Snowy Weekend

  1. You had plenty of snow while my friends and I were on a cruise in warm weather but the storm affected the trade winds so the ship was a rockin and a rollin. Came home to pretty much melted snow on the 25th late afternoon. Love your pics and snow and the moon through the icicles.


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