Still Working

Demanding Boss

Boss #2 has had a couple special projects that I’ve needed to work on. So I have not been at home very much. Which means I haven’t had a chance to do anything much in the way of sewing. I really wanted to get the Amish quilt finished and off the frame this week, but so far, that has not happened.

I have managed to do a fair amount of hand sewing on my hexie project. So I’m well ahead on that goal for this month. And, on Sunday evening while watching Downton Abbey, I did some cutting for my Ocean Waves quilt. I need over 1,000 HST for the blocks. I had already cut a large quantity of HST, but I knew I needed more. So I took the rest of the strips that I had cut and sub cut them with the Easy Angle ruler. Now I have plenty – maybe even more than enough!

That means that I’ve managed to accomplish 3 of the 4 goals for this month at the present time. I still have more than a week to get that quilt off the frame. And there is a prediction of a major snow storm for this weekend; as long as the power doesn’t go out, I should be able to get SOMETHING done!!! But I’d really rather have the storm miss us, since Bev and Barb are supposed to come for a retreat this weekend.

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