Allietare clue #6 – the Reveal

On New Year’s Eve, Bonnie posted the reveal of Allietare:

Allietare Reveal

Isn’t it gorgeous!?! I almost wish I’d used her colors for my version. I also like some of the other color choices that have been on the linky party (I’m so fickle!!) But I’m happy with how mine is turning out. It will fit in perfectly at the cabin. Here’s part of what I have so far:


Norman, of course, had to give a close inspection of the blocks! DH said he really liked it, although when I asked him if it had a “camo” feel to it, he said, “No, it doesn’t look like camo.” He can be so literal – No, it doesn’t look like camouflage, but maybe it is a happy compromise between the camo bedding he wanted and a quilt that I want!!! He said, “It will look really nice at the cabin.” Good Enough!

Bonnie said there will be a Monday link up for this last part of the mystery. While I am typing this it hasn’t posted yet. Maybe by the time I get to the end of my post it will be up and running and I can link to it so you can see some of the other versions.

I have been seeing a lot of finished Allietare tops on Facebook. I know I was pushing myself to get as much as I could done over the weekend. And I was a little behind on the clues. But I still can’t figure out how some of these flimsies got done!!! I guess if I hadn’t had work to do over the weekend or spent any time fixing a big family meal, cleaning up before family arrived and then visiting with family, maybe then I would have more finished!! Oh well, I’ll get it done when I get it done and that will be fine.

Now, on the first Monday of the Month, I’m going to get back in the swing of posting my four quilting goals for the month. Things got so hectic at the end of 2015 that I just let it slide. But it really did help me to keep on track, so I want to continue.

So, for January I want to:
1) Piece Allietare to the flimsy stage
2) Quilt that aggravating Amish quilt and get it off the frame so I can move on with other projects!!!
3) Piece some of the other projects I’ve started (Ocean Waves, Talking Turkey, Carolina Christmas, Bonus HST from Lozenges, etc)
4) Hand sewing – 10 more hexie flowers

Well, I’ve got places to go and things to do today, so I better get on the ball. There is still no linky on Bonnie’s site, If it shows up later today, I’ll come back and edit my post. BTW – I’m not being critical of Bonnie – I know she was traveling and likely had a late start.

Edit: and now there is a linky party!!! Click HERE


Be strong

6 thoughts on “Allietare clue #6 – the Reveal

  1. Your blocks are coming along nicely! I got my done by sewing some right after the clue came out then most of the day Sat and half of Sun! I am glad it is done and I can get back to some of my other waiting projects!


  2. It’s definitely got a camo feel.

    We all have different things happening in our lives. Some of us can sit and just sew, others have all sorts of responsibilities to fit in as well. In the long run all that matters is the end result!


  3. Love your color choices! Bonnie reminds us that family & friends first. I wish I had the time too to get to the flimsy stage, but 10 days into the new year, not at that stage yet. It is still “on the wall”, in progress. Life happens! Loving your “list” for January! I haven’t gotten that far or done a recap of the last year. That is my favorite thing to do on the blog, go back and look at all I have been able to get finished. Did start my list for a UFO challenge with my quilt bee…but the list is also a UFO….oh well. Enjoy the process. Mary /


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