Allietare – Clue #3

My goodness, the weekend just flew by! When the clue came out on Friday, I thought, “Piece of Cake – I’ll have it done in no time!” But then I had to work (drat those bosses!!) And DH and I had a Christmas party to go to. So I didn’t sew a stitch on Friday.

But never fear, there was nothing on the schedule for Saturday, so I’ll get that clue done in no time flat!!

Well, maybe not. I wanted to finish the gift quilt so that I could show it to my quilt group. I got to sew (yippee!!) but I didn’t sew any of the clue. Instead I wrestled with the gift to get it all quilted.


Since I STILL haven’t finished quilting the Amish quilt (What is UP with that!?!) I had to use my domestic sewing machine to do the quilting. I just did some basic stitch-in-a-ditch to hold it all together. That took most of the day on Saturday.

But that still left Sunday and surely I’d be able to fit in a little bit of time to get those foursies made. I woke up super early for some reason but my head was splitting so I took some aspirin and lay down. My head started feeling better but then it was time to get ready for church. DGC#3 and 5 were at church and, after much negotiation between Dad and Grandpa, we wound up having DGC#5 spend the afternoon with us.

My quilt group had a luncheon in the afternoon, so the three of us went there first. Lots of yummy food and good company!! I showed the gift quilt, since it is also the pattern we will be using for the quilt we will donate to Hospice. I think it met with general approval. After the luncheon, we took DGC to do a little shopping for his Dad.

Finally, by early evening, I was able to sit down and make a start on the clue!!! But it wasn’t long until I started feeling unusually sleepy. That’s when I remembered that I had been up since way-too-early-o’clock. I kicked back in the recliner and had a little cat nap, which gave me just enough energy to power through on the sewing!!!


Phew!! For something so easy, it seemed to be really difficult to get it finished!

I’m linking with Bonnie again today. Click HERE to see how all the other mystery quilters are doing.

Warning – stop reading if you don’t want to hear my guesses.

Even though I wasn’t able to sew until late on Sunday, I still had some time to try to figure out what I think the clues are telling me. According to my calculations we have now cut and sewn approx. 47% of the entire quilt. That still leaves a lot to be done, so I still can’t theorize on what the quilt will look like when it is finished.

I’m sticking with my theory that there will be an on-point setting with 30 Block A and 20 Block B. The blocks should finish at 10″. There will be 18 setting triangles , which will probably use the large neutral rectangles (from clue #3), the gray squares (from clue #2) and some of the gray and neutral HST (from clue #1). The headless geese units (from clue #2) will be in the Block B. The foursies that we just made will be in the Block A.

I can hardly wait for the final reveal to see how close (or how far) I am from the actual design!!!



3 thoughts on “Allietare – Clue #3

  1. Your theory matches mine. Two kinds of blocks, set on point: that’s exactly a Bonnie pattern! This way the quilt center would measure 70″ x 84″ and it allows for 6″ borders (a solid one + a pieced one that includes the large rectangles?)


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