Fun of a Mystery – Revised

Well, sometimes it just takes my mind a while to open up to possibilities. Yesterday I speculated that the mystery quilt will have 20 blocks with the headless geese units and 16 alternate blocks, set on point with a very wide border.

Today I am revising that guess and thinking that there will be 20 blocks with the headless geese units and 30 alternate blocks which, after you add some setting triangles, would measure 70 x 84. Then there would be a 6″ border all around to measure 82 x 96.

I don’t know why it took so long to get the idea in my head that the 20 blocks could be the smaller number of blocks for an on-point setting instead of the larger.

Anyway, it’s still all a mystery, since I have no idea what units Bonnie will have us make to come up with all those blocks. Although I have had a sneaking suspicion that there is going to be some string piecing involved somewhere, due to the large amount of neutrals that she wanted us to gather.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting a lot of Christmas shopping done. Yippee!! DH and I went out yesterday and finished up a large portion of the list.

All I want

I still have some small things to get and bake cookies, mail cards, finish decorating, clean the house, fix food, etc, etc, etc!! When will I have time for sewing!?! I’ll have to fit it in somewhere.


Holly Jolly

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