Sort of a Solution

I’ve posted numerous times about how I need a design wall. Well, I’ve come up with a temporary solution.


My dear friends, Bev and Barb, gave me a piece of mattress padding  some time ago. Last night I finally thought of a way to use it.

I cut it to fit on the outside door on the fabric stash closet. Since it’s a sliding door,  it won’t fit on the other door. But at least for now I have a little bit of a design wall to help with laying out pieces. I’ll still need the floor to lay out all the blocks for a full quilt top. 😦


At least I can step back from a block design to see how it’s working. Right now I have my applique block on top. It keeps saying I should make more, but I’ve been ignoring it. On the bottom are the two blocks I made this past weekend. The pattern is Ocean Waves and I am really loving my color choice. It reminds me of the beach.

I’ve got a couple grand daughters coming to visit this evening, so I better get things done now.


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