Make it Your Own

This past weekend was lots of fun, not only because we were able to power sew, but also because we all had gifts for each other.

Barb is downsizing, so she had some fabric and books to share with me and Bev.

Bev had some vintage bits and bobs for each of us.

And I could not resist picking up some little sewing baskets for each of us.


I got three of the “Sew much fabric, see little time” baskets when I was at Jo-Ann’s.  All three of us have a weakness for cute little containers to keep our sewing supplies in. (We also have a weakness for books about gorgeous quilts – Barb brought her new Di Ford book so we could Ooh and Ahh)

Now we each have to personalize our baskets, so we know who’s is who’s. I started working on mine last night.


Since I’m using mine to keep my Hexie supplies in, I thought it was only right to have hexies on the top.


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