Mysterious Decisions

Naturally, I have to join in on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I mean, it’s obvious that I need ANOTHER project, right!?!

Haha!  Hehe! Hoho!!!

Okay, I’ve recovered my breath after laughing myself silly. Have you?

Bonnie released the colors and yardage for her “Allietare” quilt. She got inspiration from her trip to Italy. Go to her blog at to see the colors she has chosen.

Of course, I’m like Frank, I have to do it my way!

Once again, I’m going to use up some yardage so I’m going to use all one fabric for each color, instead of making it scrappy. And I’ve decided to change the colors just a little.


Black and gold stay the same. The center piece will be my neutral. The olive green will replace the gray and the leaf fabric will replace the red.

Now I do have a perfectly good rationalization for 1) starting a new project  and 2) using these colors.

1) It’s Bonnie’s mystery – need I say more!?! Also, I have felt the need for a different quilt at the cabin. Right now there is a quilt I really love up there. It is made with 30’s reproduction  fabrics. It turned out really nice but it doesn’t quite fit the hunting cabin theme. I’ve been thinking for some time about a quilt with a semi-camoflage look to it.

2) So I’ve picked fabric that will I think will fit nicely with the look I’m going for.

Now I just have to wait until November 27th for the first clue!!!!


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