Get It Done – September

With everything else that was going on from the weekend and then catching up after being away for the weekend, I almost forgot about my goals for the month.

In August I hoped to get the following four things done:

1) Finish the #&%*^# Amish quilt!!! – What!?! It’s still not done!?! This is just getting ridiculous!!!

2) Finish making the lozenge units and sew them into a flimsy – DONE!!

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt.
Thank you Bonnie Hunter for taking this photo of my quilt.

3) Since I am taking two Bonnie Hunter classes at the end of the month, I will be starting two more projects – Talking Turkey and Carolina Christmas – DONE, I have certainly started two new projects!!


4) 10 Hexie flowers – I hardly did any hand sewing this month, I think I only finished two flowers

Well, August was not as productive as I would have liked. I didn’t even do any “extra credit” sewing! But there were other things going on – going to the Fair to watch the DGC, canning tomatoes and freezing corn, etc.

Here’s the goals for September:

1) Let’s try this one more time – Finish the Amish quilt (so that I can get quilting on other things done!!)
2) Help Mom with her quilt
3) Piece Talking Turkey
4) 10 hexie flowers

That’s it. We’ll see how it goes


there comes a time

3 thoughts on “Get It Done – September

  1. I love your quilt. I am inspired to make it a challenge for me as well! Would like to see photos from your retreat but can’t find access on her website. Any suggestions? enjoyed your fame session with Bonnie…


    1. Here are links to the specific blog pages where I attended Bonnie’s workshops:

      All of these posts have a photo slide show from the workshops.

      How are you liking your new home? Isn’t it nice to be near the grandchildren!?!


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