Quilting Fun On The Weekend

As you may know, (since I mentioned it quite a few times!) I went to a couple of Bonnie Hunter workshops this weekend.

Oh what fun!!

On Friday evening I met with one of my QFFs, Barb. We checked into our temporary home, had a light supper, and then joined a roomful of like-minded women for a lecture from Bonnie. It was more like a chat, where we all had a chance to ask questions and visit with a good friend.

She showed us an antique quilt that she had just purchased:


Isn’t it lovely?

At some point she had mentioned that she’d be happy to know if we knew anyone that she could introduce to her son. I told her I had a single daughter, but it didn’t go any further than that!

On Saturday, Barb and I started the first workshop,  which was to make the Talking Turkey quilt. After sewing all day, this is what I got finished:


I was hurrying at the end of class so some of my points aren’t matching up as well as I’d like, but I think I’m going to be very happy with this one when it’s done. I just won’t try to rush through.

Barb is doing her Talking Turkey in pinks, which is adorable.  I didn’t get a photo of her work, but there is one on Bonnie’s blog. There were also some other color combinations that looked fantastic. Check it out.

By Sunday, I was running out of steam, but Bonnie was still going strong. She has amazing energy levels!

I finished two blocks of Carolina Christmas:


Bonnie has this photo on her blog, as well as some other versions that people were doing.

Side note: You all know what a Bonniac I am. Well, that almost got ruined! In my less than alert state on Sunday afternoon I managed to sew some units together in a different way than the instructions called for. I had sewn the red Ohio star section in the center of the green block, when the instructions clearly say that you should so the 4 corner quadrants of the block together as separate units, then sew the quadrants into the block and it will form the center star.  Bonnie passed by and saw what I had done and said, “There aren’t any units like that in this quilt. You’re going to have to rip that out

Now I know you know how much I hate to unsew, so that was really disappointing to hear from my idol. In fact, it was almost fighting words and I might have got up and walked out right then and there. 😉

But I counted to ten, kept sewing and figured out how to fix the “problem” without doing any unsewing. And then Bonnie “redeemed” herself by saying how nice it looked and having the above picture taken!!

I have some beautiful pictures from our Show and Share at lunch time, but I’m really supposed to be getting DH’S invoicing done. I’ll post them tomorrow.


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