Hurrying and Scurrying

DH called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I could rearrange my schedule for the weekend and have the camper ready to go. Well, sure, nothing to it. 😆

But I pulled it off and we left the house at 6:00 pm.

He said he had made arrangements for us to take a short break,  since we’ve both been working hard at our various jobs.

We managed to get tickets to ride on the trains that we had investigated the other week.

Here are some photos from the train:






And, finally, since this is a quilting blog, check out the fabric on the window valances:


I could totally make a quilt with that!!!


2 thoughts on “Hurrying and Scurrying

  1. The first week of June we were in Durbin, WV. . . .it was “train week” for my husband. . . .we rode the Tygart Flyer, the Durbin Rocket AND the Cass Scenic Railroad.

    We had a wonderful time. . . . and managed to get to Elkins Sewing Center for a bit of quilt-y retail therapy!! LOL My DH spent more than I did there!

    Glad that you had a nice, unexpected trip.


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time doing all the things you did. I’m sure that the train people were glad that their valances did not disappear!!!


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