leave it the way it is — because I know if I ever got organized I would never know where to find anything!

Ain’t that the truth!?! Sherry V. left that comment on my post yesterday and, boy oh boy, do I agree with that!!

close the door

Since DH and I have moved into Peace House, there are so many things that I can’t find anymore. I know these things are not gone. Or at least I hope I know that! If DH thought he’d be tricky and get rid of some of my things, well, I don’t even want to contemplate that!!! It would cause a mighty uproar, that’s for certain!!!

So, I’m going to assume that these things are somewhere in the house, just waiting for me to find them again. Which is another reason why I want to organize the studio.

But now, when I think about Sherry’s comment, I’m not too sure that I want to get all crazy with the organization. Maybe I should just keep to my system now, which is basically whenever I need something, I go looking for it. Then, once I’ve found it, I leave it out for “display” until I use it. Then, when I’m done with it, I put it back in whatever niche it will fit in until I need it again.

Not very efficient, but it works.


negative people

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