Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Yesterday, I said that I didn’t have a photo of the last Round Robin quilt that I worked on. And I asked Sue to send me a photo of it. Well, Sue is on the ball and sent me a photo. It’s in a Word document and I am not technologically advanced enough to extract it and make it show as a photo on here. But you can click on the link below and it will open the document in Word so that you can see the photo.


Thanks Sue!

Last Saturday I had an opportunity to get together with my QFFs for a day of sewing. In the summer we’re all so busy that it’s hard to plan any get together. But we managed to squeeze in some time.

Bev was working on her “Jarrod Takes a Wife” quilt. That was a workshop with Bonnie Hunter that we all three went to a few years ago.


It was actually the first time we had gone to a workshop with Bonnie. Boy, did we have fun!!

Barb was cutting strips for the workshop that she and I will be going to in August. I’m looking forward to that.

My project for the day was sewing lozenges:


These are set out in stacks of 10. I need 450 to make the complete quilt. I have some more in various stages of assembly. But I do not have 450. I thought I was getting close to being finished with this one. But I’ve got more cutting to do and a lot more sewing. 😥 This was a leader/ender challenge that Bonnie issued last year. Her lozenge quilt is completely done already and she’s issued another L/E challenge for this year!! I was able to control myself and NOT start ANOTHER project. (aren’t you proud of me!?!)

Since I had shared some of the extra credit work that I have been doing for the month of July, I thought I’d also show that I have been working at the projects that are actually on my list of goals. Here are my hexie flowers sewed into rows that need to be attached to the “mother ship”


Apparently, I’ve had more time for hand sewing this month! I have more than exceeded my goal of sewing 10 flowers. Now I just need to get some quilting done. I started the quilting on the Amish quilt, but I got stalled for a couple reasons. First, my top thread kept shredding. I finally figured out that it was the needle not exactly inserted correctly. I Fixed that problem. Then, last week I had DGC#3, 4 & 5 over multiple days. Not much time for working on the quilting. I could hand sew, in order to hear what the munchkins were getting into. I can’t hear anything when I’m running the Fun Quilter!! And then, when I finally had a chance to get back to it, I started working away when suddenly the power went out!! I thought at first that I had blown a fuse, but it was actually a line down somewhere. It took a few hours for the power company to repair that and meanwhile, I had moved on to other things. Now I need to get re-motivated to get that quilt done.


Reasons to be happy

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