Round Robin Reveal

Last week we had our monthly meeting of the Heritage Quilters. We had a lot of things on the agenda – one of which, was the Round Robin Reveal. I have been anxiously awaiting that so that I could finally talk about what I had been doing. So without further ado, here is what I’ve been doing over the past few months.

The first block that I received was this adorable chicken:


I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do with it. Originally, I thought about a pieced border around it; something scrappy – maybe a piano key type border. I started pulling fabric out to see what would coordinate. Then I found a really nice fabric with stripes that included a berry vine and some woven wicker. The blue background looked good with the fabrics that were used on the center block. So I added a mitered border with the berry vine centered and the edges of the wicker framing each side. Here is the completed quilt, where you can see my border right next to the chicken block. Everyone else did great work – I especially like the eggs and chicks in the final cornerstones.


At the April meeting, I got this bear paw block:


Someone had added the red and gold borders around it and also had embroidered in the squares of the block. I knew just what I wanted to do with this. I had seen a really neat pattern for a border that looked like one fabric was twining around another. The only problem I had was that the block I had received did not work out evenly to make that border. So I added a plain border first to fill out the space and then adjusted the pattern to fit what I had. I stayed with the red, gold and cream fabrics. IMHO it turned out pretty good:


In May I received a real challenge:


I thought this needed something a little more elaborate, but I had the darndest time thinking of something. I thought at first about added hexies around it, since it was basically an elongated hexie. But that was going to take a lot of hand work, and I didn’t really have the time to do that. Finally I decided to use equilateral triangles and make a small border around it. I chose Christmas colors since there are snowmen on the center part. It still took me quite a while to get it just right – my math skills are not the greatest and I started out with triangles that were too large. Then one corner just wouldn’t lay flat until I resewed it two times. But eventually I think it finished up nicely:


At the June meeting I received the last quilt that I would work on. I wish I could show you a picture of it. Somehow I thought that I had taken before and after photos of the block. That’s what I get for thinking!! I hadn’t taken any photos of it at all. I didn’t even take a photo of it at the meeting (even though I took photos of all the finished quilts) because I was sure that I had a photo of that one finished because my border would have been the last one. Sue, if you’ve read this far, it’s your quilt that I didn’t take a picture of. If you email a picture to me, I’ll be able to include it in a future post! BTW – for everyone else that has read this far, Sue’s original block was just wonderful and the other rounds really enhanced it (at least that’s what I thought!) I wasn’t as thrilled with my final border in comparison with all the other pretty work.

And finally, my block!!!


This is the center I started out with. I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit and did something more artsy instead of a traditional block. I was going for an underwater look, although DH thought that it looked like cactus in a desert. So I wasn’t sure what I would wind up with when I got it back.

But here it is:


I Love, Love, Love it. Obviously, everyone else thought it looked like an underwater scene. I love the fish around the edges and the little seahorse down in the corner beside the seaweed. I am anxious to get it finished although I have a number of other things that need to be finished before I can get to this. I’ll have to contain my excitement!


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