Little Projects

I’m really working on my extra credit this month!! I have a number of little projects that I didn’t list on my “Get It Done” goals.

First I made a set of bags for the cornhole game:


Nothing really exciting with those – 7″ square bags filled with dried corn. They didn’t take too long. DGC#3 helped with the filling.

Then I decided I needed a better clothespin bag than the one that I was using:


As you can see the previous one was not too interesting!!


I used a pattern from “Ladies of Leisure” by Suzanne McNeill to do a redwork design for the bag. I used a wire coathanger for the frame and I had some red ticking stripe fabric to make the actual bag. It livens up the whole laundry experience, don’t you think!?!

I also, finally got the holiday tree decorated with some patriotic decorations.


There are blue lights because the clear ones burned out and I’m waiting until Christmas to get some more. So I added the red and white striped fabric as a garland. The decorations are stars that have a red, white and blue design on them.


nice people

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