Kittens and Quilts

First, the kittens:


Here are four of the cuties sitting outside my door, waiting to be fed. There is another black one that moved out of the picture just before I snapped it and the calico kitty that hasn’t been coming close at all.

I’ve been working diligently to get them tamed enough so that I can catch them. The four in the picture will be no problem, I can get hold of them and they don’t freak out too much. The other black one could be caught too, if I’m patient. And this morning, after many, many days of sitting quietly while the kittens come in to eat, I was able to touch the calico on the head while it was eating! So I am making progress. πŸ˜€

Now for the quilts. I’ve been trying to figure out what quilting design to use on the Amish quilt. I had finally decided on a leaf and vine design, but I still wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. Then I had an “Ah-ha!!” moment! What if I used a piece of clear vinyl over the quilt and took a dry erase marker to do a rough sketch of the design!?!



Like I said, it’s a rough sketch, but it gives me an idea of how I want the design to look. I didn’t want real tight quilting because the fabric is heavy enough already. I just need something to hold the layers together. There are a couple good things about using the vinyl this way. One, I can practice the design a few times before I actually quilt to work out the rough edges because Two, I can wipe the marks off the vinyl and start over as many times as I want. And Three, I can actually see what it looks like on the quilt!!

I’ve never seen this as a design tip, so I’m thinking I must be a genius!!! πŸ˜‰

Finally, I got the borders on the second Tumalo Trails quilt – the one I’m keeping for myself:


Now I’ve just got to concentrate on getting some actual quilting done. If only my other bosses would stop calling me in to work! I mean, really, couldn’t they just send me a paycheck while I stay home and sew!?! πŸ˜‰



4 thoughts on “Kittens and Quilts

  1. Don’t we wish they would pay us to stay home and do what we love. I’d even be willing to throw in some mowing, (not cleaning), to get that deal. Sigh…..


  2. I like the vinyl tip a lot! That design will contrast well with the lines of the quilt! I really, really love your Tumalo Trails quilt! ( I also love your kitties )


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