Laundry Time

There has been a sporadic discussion in this household ever since DH and I moved into Peace House. Every now and again I have brought up the subject of laundry.

Laundry day

Don’t you love laundry!?! The mountain of dirty clothes that needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away on a regular basis!?!

What’s that you say? You don’t!! Well neither do I!!!

But one thing I do like about laundry – I like the smell of laundry that has been hung out to dry in the sunshine. Even though it is a never ending chore, (thankfully, not as onerous now as when we had four children living with us!) I can just barely tolerate it if I can at least take a big sniff of freshly washed, line dried laundry!

Going to sleep at night on sheets that have been treated this way is wonderful.

With all the wonderful “fresh” scented laundry products, you would think that it would be no big deal, but there is some kind of magic that happens when the wind and the sun dry your clothes that cannot be matched.

But Peace House is not equipped with a clothesline. 😥

Ever since we moved in, I have been campaigning for a clothesline. Well, I didn’t say much during the winter, since even my fanaticism about line dried clothes does not extend into getting them freeze dried!

Well, DH, being the wonderful man he is, finally took action this weekend. Yes, it took a year for him to come up with a solution; I did say he was wonderful, I did not say he’s fast!!


He built this drying rack. It has heavy duty casters on the bottom so I can roll it out the garage door and use it on any sunny day. And, if it starts to rain, I can roll it back in right away. There are four lines across the top, which is enough to hang some sheets and towels. There is a clothes pole where I can hang shirts on hangers. He has a hook on one side to hold a clothespin bag (right now it’s plastic, but I’m going to make a cloth bag.) And the frame on the bottom can hold my laundry basket when I’m hanging out the laundry. And the beauty of this rack, is that I can also use it inside in the winter or during any inclement weather. A stationary clothesline would not be used for half the year around here due to freezing temps or overcast days when it might rain.

I had taken my new laundry rack out of the garage to take a picture, then the phone rang. So I went in to answer it. When I came back out all the kittens had discovered this new place to play!! I’ve been working patiently to get these wild things tamed down enough to let me catch hold of them. The mothers are all feral, but they stick around because we feed them. Now that the kittens are old enough to eat solid food, they are hanging around the house all the time. Whenever I put food out, I’ve been sitting quietly so that they get used to me. There is one calico kitten that is wilder than all the others. I can catch any of the others, but not that one.


Of course, if I swoop one up, all the others scatter and it takes a while for them to trust me again. Patience and Perseverance will eventually win out and I hope to find good homes for all the kitties.


sure its bad

One thought on “Laundry Time

  1. Love your new clothes line/rolling hanger! We just have a chain across the living room that holds all our clothes on hangers. Of course we don’t get that wonderful fresh air dried smell, but the wood stove does dry them really well in the winter. Looks really crappy too, but that’s how we roll around here! Love all the kitties!


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