That’s what I am – certifiably insane!! How many projects have I started already!?! More than we can count on our fingers and toes, right!?! So what would be the reason to start something else!?! Only someone that is bat-poo crazy would add more to the list!!!

Enjoy insanity

Here’s the reasoning behind the decision to start something else.

As some of you may know, I’m going to be going to two more Bonnie Hunter classes in August. Woo-Hoo!! One of the classes is for her Talking Turkey quilt:

talking turkey

Now, since I can’t do anything exactly the way the pattern calls for it, I had a few decisions that I needed to make. First, the pattern calls for odd size strips of fabric for the center nine patch. This made me crazy (who are we kidding, I was already crazy, right!?!) So I thought that I could use my standard size strips and just sew a scant seam to make up the difference. I’ve had this in the back of my mind for a while and this morning I just couldn’t stand it any more – I had to make a test block:


I was also thinking of doing the colors differently. If you’ll notice Bonnie’s quilt is only reds and neutrals. I thought making the centers yellow would make it look like a flower. I’m not positive if I’ve sold myself on that idea or not. I like the yellow and red combination, but I’m not sure if it will really look like a flower or just have these bright pops of yellow in the center of each block.

Anyway, I did one test center to see if my theory with scant seams would work. It did not – the block does not measure up to the dimensions that Bonnie’s pattern calls for. Guess I’ll have to cut odd size strips to make this quilt. Also, I didn’t pay attention to the directions and then realized that the center of each nine patch is supposed to be red, not yellow.

So then I was trying out red fabrics for the center:


I was thinking that I would keep each of the centers the same fabric as well as all the yellow. I love the scrappiness of Bonnie’s quilts, but FOR ME, sometimes it’s a little too much. I like to rest my eyes somewhere. So I thought that having some elements that are the same throughout the quilt would make it a little more restful. My question is – which of the two fabrics looks better as the center? The dark black and red print, which would kind-of pull your eyes in to the center? Or the orangey-red print, which I think combines the reds and yellow so it sort-of blends in?

I’d like to get the fabrics cut and ready for the class ahead of time, so that I can concentrate of sewing. That’s why I’m doing this testing now. That way I won’t be in class thinking, “What was I thinking!?! I hate the way this is turning out!”


No one heals themselves

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