Well, there’s a lot going on over the weekend, but at least we made it through the week!

As you know, I started another project because I can’t seem to control myself when a new idea pops into my head. I just have to stop what I’m doing and try the new idea. The 25 circles are coming along nicely, but then I had to interrupt that idea with ANOTHER idea!!! Fortunately, the latest in a long line of projects is already finished!


I just couldn’t stand the base of my holiday tree being uncovered, so I HAD to make a tree skirt with a patriotic theme. Since there are so many patriotic holidays in the summer, the holiday tree has a red, white and blue theme all summer. Keeping the same ornaments on the tree for the entire summer has nothing to do with me being too lazy to switch them each month – not at all! 😉 Anyway, I like that there is a tree skirt for the summer holidays now. It’s nothing fancy, but it covers the metal base, so I’m happy.

DH did a little work around the house yesterday.


He installed a ceiling fan in the sun room! Next time we have a retreat here at the house, we’ll be able to have a cool breeze blowing all day long! Yay! As an extra benefit, the breeze blows right over by my desk in the office, so I can reap the benefits while doing office work, as well.

For the weekend, guess who gets to puppy-sit some fur babies!?!


DD is away for the weekend, so Beau and Gremlin get to stay with Mimi and Papaw. I’m probably not going to get very much sewing done over the next few days.


Live in such a way

One thought on “TGIFriday!

  1. I love how comfortable your ceiling fans made the rooms on our weekend. Now I’m starting to wonder if our ceilings are high enough for fans. Like it would ever happen. Sigh.


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