Get It Done – June 2015

My Goodness! How the time flies! We are now starting on the sixth month of the year. In thirty days the year will be half over already! Wow!

So – it’s the first of June and it’s time to review our monthly goals (is anyone else joining me in setting goals for each month!?!):

In May I hoped to accomplish these four things:

1) Get the sashing, cornerstones and border on at least one of the Tumalo Trail quilts. I’m spending the weekend sewing as much as I possibly can, so maybe I’ll be able to get this done. – I worked on this, seriously I did, and I’m almost there. I actually have both Tumalo Trail quilts assembled with sashing and cornerstones. AND I’ve made a very good start on piecing the borders. But I haven’t attached the borders on either one.


2) Quilt the Amish quilt – like I said before, I’m only doing a simple edge to edge pattern so that the layers will be held together. I’m not going to try to replicate all the intricate quilting that an Amish lady would do. – Sad to say, I have not done the quilting on it. Mostly because I procrastinated when it came to getting all the layers pressed before loading it on the frame. I FINALLY had it loaded yesterday, but didn’t do any actual quilting.


3) Add my bit to the Round Robin block that I got at the April meeting – I need to have this done in time for our May meeting, which means I have eleven days to get this done. – DONE, thank goodness I can say that I’ve completely completed at least one of my goals!!!

4) Hand sewing – 10 more hexie flowers to add to my red and cream hexie quilt – I’m calling it DONE! I think I may have only made 9 hexie flowers because I lost count. But this goal is here to motivate me to make progress on the hand sewing projects and nine flowers is progress!! Here are all the flowers that I have not attached to the “mothership” yet:


Let’s say that’s a 60% completion rate on the goals this month. 😉

For extra credit I did some other things that weren’t on the list: I knit another dishcloth (I can wash dishes into the next century with all the dishcloths I’ve knitted), I finished my part on the Round Robin challenge that I got at the May meeting AND I started another project!!!

I know, why in the world would I start ANOTHER project!?! What can I say? I’m a compulsive quilter and I just couldn’t help myself!!

Actually, what happened is, one of the shelves in my fabric closet gave way and pulled loose from the wall. Everything stayed on the shelf, it just fell down on the shelf below it. I needed to take everything off the shelf so that DH could get it attached correctly. (I knew that he had not installed that particular shelf because one of the support brackets was not even in a stud – he would never do that!!) Anyway, while I was clearing off the shelf I ran across some bags that had vintage fabric in it. My very dear QFF (Quilting Friend Forever), Bev, has given me over the years various bits and pieces of vintage fabric. One of the bags had 25 circles made out of feed sack fabric and I couldn’t resist the urge to do something with them.


As soon as I pulled the circles out of the bag, this is what I envisioned. It’s going to require a huge amount of quilting, once I get all the circles appliqued. I was thinking of feathered wreaths around each circle and then some straight line fillers. DD stopped by and said I should do something more modern, maybe a geometric pattern of some kind. Another suggestion was to use colored quilting thread instead of white. I’m open to anything right now – if anyone else wants to suggest something.

I also was able to see my DGC#3 finish a quilt that she was making for her doll. She picked all the fabric and pieced the squares together. Mimi did the quilting and attached the binding, then she hand stitched the binding on the back.


And, just this past weekend, my QFF’s and I got together for some quilt therapy!! We actually all worked on the same pattern this time. I was making the borders for Tumalo Trails. Barb was putting together the blocks for her TT. And Bev was assembling the blocks into a flimsy for her TT:


I really like her use of cheddar for the inner border!!

Okay, goals for June:
1) Borders on Tumalo Trails!!
2) Quilt Amish
3) Applique circles
4) 10 Hexie flowers

And now I must say “Ta-Ta!”



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