Round Robin Adventures

round robin idea

The above image was something I found in a Google search and I don’t know where it came from. If anyone knows who did this quilt, please let me know, so I can give proper credit. I am using it for illustrative purposes only – so that people reading my blog post about Round Robin quilts can get an idea of what one might turn out to be.

As I have mentioned before, my quilt group is doing a round robin challenge. Eleven of us started out with a center block. Now we are in the process of exchanging them. At each meeting we are to bring back the quilt “flimsy” that we have worked on, then we exchange them for another and have to add something to it.

Right now, all the work is being done in secret. Our president is in charge of making the exchanges so that no one gets a “flimsy” that they have already worked on or the one that has their own center block. We have brown paper sacks to keep the work in and they are numbered, which is how she keeps track of who gets what. And how no one can see the progress of any of the blocks.

Since everything is secret, I can’t share any photos of the work that I have been doing, which is very frustrating, because I could have used some advice on some of these pieces. As it is, I have to rely on my own opinion about how my addition works with what has already been done. Well, I have asked DH for his opinion, too. But I’m never quite sure if he is sincere when he says, “That looks really good!” or if he actually means, “I couldn’t care less, but I better say it looks good, or she’ll get upset with me!”

Each one of the flimsies has stretched my thought process. The first one was fairly easy because all I felt I had to do was add a really nice fabric around the edges of the block I was given. Easy-peasy – four strips of fabric and I was done.

On the second one, I felt that it needed to have a more intricate border. That required using some math to figure out the sizes of the pieces needed, some graph paper to draft the pattern and some dedicated sewing time to get all the pieces together, making sure they were all turned the correct way. It was more difficult, but I didn’t have any problems with it.

Now I’m working on the third exchange and I am really having a time with it. It took a few days to just figure out what I wanted to do. Then, again I had to do the math and draft a pattern. Now I’m trying to get the piecing done and it’s not being cooperative. I’ve un-sewn a couple times already and yesterday I realized I sewed something else wrong and need to un-sew again!!! I decided to let it sit for a while so that it will learn it’s lesson and not get sewn wrong anymore!! Three times of un-sewing is more than enough! šŸ˜‰

I’m almost afraid to see what will come up in the next two rounds of exchanges – it seems like they get harder each time!!

I’m trying to get as much done around the house today, because I will be working for other bosses the rest of the week (I think, one has not confirmed the schedule yet!) So I better get back to work.


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