Vacation in Tennessee

DH and I decided to take a break from the cold weather and go to Tennessee – naturally, it turned much warmer at home as soon as we left!!! We didn’t let that get us down, we went ahead and had a marvelous time while we were there.

Dh had fixed up the cargo area so that once the motorcycle had been taken out, we had an additional living room, with my sewing space in there, as well:


We arrived down there before noon on Thursday. When we checked in at the office of the campground, they told us that there was big parade on Friday evening. It was the 30th annual Dolly’s Homecoming Parade, led by that lady, herself:


There were a lot of displays by local businesses, one of which offered Monster Bus rides – I thought my grand children might like school a little better if they could get there in this:


I’ll have more to share tomorrow, for now I need to get ready to go to work for Boss #3.


Disrespect and insult

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