It’s Time to Clean the Studio

creativity is messy

When I can be in my sewing studio, I certainly don’t want to waste my time cleaning, I want to be sewing!! And I’ve been doing as much sewing as I can, in between all the other things that go on in my crazy life!!

But eventually the room starts to look shabby:


There’s the box filled with batting that was delivered a couple weeks ago. I should really put the batting away. And my Janome sitting on the floor, all neglected because I’ve been using Helen for all my sewing needs. I need to get all this put away so that I can walk from one side to the other of the frame and get that Amish top quilted!


It’s getting harder to press anything, because of the things stacked up under the ironing board. All that fabric should go back in the closet.


The cutting table (the dresser to the right of the window) is covered with quite a pile of stuff – so much that I can’t cut there anymore. Better get that put away. And the sewing table is running out of room on top and on the floor all around it.

I hope I’ll have “after” pictures to post in the next day or two.

But right now, I need to get some work done for DH.


purpose of life

One thought on “It’s Time to Clean the Studio

  1. At least you have an area you can close the door! I am beginning to think Rusty is going to have to give me his half of the basement so we can reclaim the dining room!


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