The Power of Women with Sewing Machines

So, one of the things that I wanted to accomplish this month was scheduling a workshop or two so that my quilt group and I could make the flimsy for the “Hospice” quilt. This is a quilt that our group donates to the local chapter of Hospice. They then raffle off the quilt to raise funds for them to continue helping families in need.

This year I was in charge of picking a pattern and making the arrangements to get it assembled. I drafted a pattern that I really liked – something pretty, but not too difficult to make. I know some of the ladies helping might argue that point with me. But it wasn’t really difficult – it just had a lot of pieces! But I didn’t want to make it too simple/plain. After all, we want to make something that will appeal to a large number of people so that there will be a lot of tickets sold. I sat down with graph paper and started doodling some ideas and came up with something I call “Lilies in the Pond”


I also used a web program called “Quilt Assistant” to do the print out, once I had finalized the block design and colors. I’m thinking that I should probably get EQ7, if I’m going to do more designing. I’m thinking it would speed up the process of figuring out yardage and such. Well, I’ll have to think about that.

Anyway, one of the ladies in my group called me a few weeks ago and said that a friend of hers had offered to let our group use their house as a quilt retreat, so that we could work on the Hospice quilt.


What a lovely place to stay! We set up right away and started sewing!


I’m sorry, I only have pictures from the second day there, when our group was a little smaller. Some of the ladies stayed at the house overnight, so they were able to sew into the evening and then early again the next morning. I,, unfortunately, was not one of them. 😥 I had a prior commitment that meant I had to leave in the late afternoon and couldn’t get back until the next morning. But we all power-sewed so that we could get the flimsy finished:


I want to thank: Thelma, Martha, Jeanne (and Tom), Joan, Lynn, Sue and the owners of the house, Ron and Deb.

Okay, it’s the day before tax day, so I better do one more review of my paperwork before I send it off.


Don't take anything personally

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