What the Heck!?!

DH likes to watch the local news – I mean he really likes to watch the news. We get to switch from one station to another to get all the weather forecasts. That’s the main reason he watches the local news – for the weather forecast.

But then we get to see all the local news items, too. And that is kind-of depressing. I try to avoid watching the news, because I don’t want to start my day with all that negativity. But sometimes I do see some of it.

I just heard on the local news about a man that kicked a 102 year old woman. His reason? – She was following him around when he went to the nursing home to visit his mother. The woman apparently believed that he was her son. This annoyed the man, so he kicked her! Twice!! When a nurse pulled him away, telling him that he could seriously hurt the woman, his reply was, “Good”

Thankfully, the reason he was on the news was because he had plead guilty to harassment and was paying a fine. I don’t think that the punishment fits the crime. IMHO he should be charged with assault.

But, come on people, who goes around kicking little, old ladies because they are annoying!?!

Where do you learn behavior like that!?!

Did this guy’s parents say, “It’s okay, sonny, if someone annoys you, just go kick them until they stop.”

I was raised

I mean, really, IF I went around kicking people that annoyed me, my legs would get tired!!! 😆

Why do people have to be so horrible to each other? This was just a small incident, but really, the attitude that caused this man to kick a little old woman is what snowballs into all the atrocities in this world. He seemed to feel that because she was annoying him, he had the right to escalate the problem by kicking her. What was worse to me, was that when I went on-line to check the details of the story, I read some comments by other people. While some were just expressing disbelief that a person could act that way, there were a large proportion that called for this man’s blood. I agree that he should be punished, but not by chopping off intimate parts of his body!!!! And then there were a few comments that blamed the woman, saying she had probably been a bully all her life and that she got what she deserved!

I know I’m just one small voice of (hopefully) reason, but if only one other person agrees with what I have to say and tries to be a little kinder to people because of it, then I’m going to keep preaching on my soapbox!


Villager: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
Tevye: Very good. That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.

Let’s stop making things worse by trying to “get back” at anyone that annoys us!


2 thoughts on “What the Heck!?!

  1. Keep preaching on your soapbox. I hope that I can take at least a little credit for teaching you how to get along in this world.


  2. That was exactly how I was raised and it just surprises me no end what horrible actions people are capable of – and feel a RIGHT to do!


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