March Birthdays

We celebrated DS#2’s birthday yesterday. I was going to take photos of all the food I fixed, but I forgot. Then I thought I’d take a picture of the ravaged buffet, after everyone ate, but I forgot. I also didn’t take pictures of the birthday boy or any of the celebrants that were with us.

Wow – I suck at a photography!!!

But we had a wonderful evening with most of the immediate family here. I made lasagna, salad and bread for our meal (lasagna noodles and sauce made from scratch, home baked bread). Then for dessert we had chocolate cake with coconut-pecan topping and vanilla ice cream.

Everything turned out well, and most of it was eaten. I think I might be able to have a little bit of lasagna for my lunch today.

March is a big birthday month in our family. My grandmother, her daughter – my aunt, her son – my dad, his son – my brother, his daughter – my sister, her daughter – my niece and my son are all born in March. Today would have been Dad’s 77th birthday.

Me and Dad
Me and Dad


Missing someone

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