The Retreat that Was

Oh Happy Day!! We were able to get together this weekend and spend some time sewing and chatting. This weekend we all decided to play with our hand sewing projects, so we didn’t have to talk over the sound of running sewing machines. It was very pleasant and very relaxing. I’m so glad that Bev and Barb were willing to brave the storm.

I’m supposed to go into the office again today, to work for the other boss. I’m not looking forward to the drive in, because the weather is really yucky this morning. If I could just be teleported to the office, that would be great!!

Now to do my beginning of the month review of quilt goals:

For February I wanted to do the following things:

1) Piece the Hospice quilt – This did not happen at all. I kept hoping the weather would get better so that I could have a workshop here at Peace House, but it never did. So I never had the ladies in my quilt group come here to start this project. 😦
2) Put borders on and quilt Grand Illusion – Well, I got stalled with the borders for much too long. But I finally just buckled down and dealt with them. I tightened up the seams that were causing the waviness and added the outer border, which means I only finished half of this goal. The quilting will get started in March.
3) Finish the center block for my Round Robin challenge – DONE!! Hooray! After much agonizing (probably way more agonizing than I needed to do!) I decided which center I am going to use for the challenge and got it all finished and ready for our 1st meeting of the year.
4) Sew 10 more flowers on one of my hand sewing projects – DONE! – Well, I’m counting it as done. I didn’t actually sew together 10 flowers. But I prepped the hexies for 36 more flowers – which means I cut seven pieces of fabric for each flower and glued the paper templates onto them, then pinned the seven pieces that make one flower together X 36!!! Even though it wasn’t actually sewing, it was work that needed done to get to the sewing part to move this project along. And that’s what I’m aiming for – to move this project along towards a finish.

Also, in February I did some other things that weren’t on my list of goals:
1) I started a needle turn applique project that has been simmering in the back of my brain for quite some time. I’m not sure what direction this is going to go in. I have a pattern that requires nine 24″ blocks. It’s taken me 2 months to get one block done, so I’m not sure if I want to continue this for another 16 months. I thought about using this block to as a center for a medallion quilt. Then Barb mentioned doing something along the lines of a Baltimore Album – which would also require a huge time commitment. Time will tell what I finally decide to do.
2) I also pulled out the blocks I won at our quilt group Christmas luncheon. Some of them were different sizes, so I’ve been steadily working on getting them all uniform.
3) I did quite a bit of going through boxes – well, two boxes anyway! I have decided that I need to go through all the boxes that are under the Fun Quilter frame, behind the door and in other odd corners of the house. The first two boxes that I came across had fabric that had been given to me quite some time ago, which had just been stuffed in the boxes willy-nilly. I took all the fabric out, decided if it was worth keeping and then pressed it neatly and put it on the shelves in my closet. That takes an enormous amount of time. But I also ran across a portable DVD player when I was cleaning, so I set that up and watched my Downton Abbey DVDs while I was sorting, pressing and putting away – it made the time pass much quicker!

All in all, February was a fairly productive month!

Now for March goals:

1) Quilt Grand Illusion!! It’s on the frame, I just need to run the machine!
2) Piece Tumalo Trails #1 – DH keeps asking when I’m going to have this quilt done (it’s to be given to a friend) I better get it done!
3) Put together and quilt the Christmas block exchange quilt – since I started working on the blocks last month, maybe I can finish it this month.
4) 10 more flowers – I should actually get them sewn this time!



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