The Retreat that Wasn’t

Well, the weather was just too frightful to ask anyone to go out in it. So we had to postpone our retreat until this coming weekend. We’ve been trying to get together once per month, so this would still be counted as a February retreat. Let’s hope the weather is more cooperative this time!!! Maybe something like this:

Beach Quilt

I did manage, with the help of modern technology and one of my QFFs, to solve one of the problems I was having. My quilt group is going to be doing a Round Robin quilt challenge. We each have to start with a center square, then we’ll pass it on to another of the participants, who will add to it. Then it gets passed again and added to again, etc. until it’s “Done”.

I was having a difficult time deciding what to do for my center square. I had started one idea, which I really love. But then I had another idea, which I think will be great. Since Barb isn’t involved with the Round Robin, I was able to ask her advice. She helped me reach the decision that I was leaning towards. I just needed to have someone that understands quilting confirm what I already thought I should do. Thanks Barb!!!

Roll your eyes

Although I didn’t manage to get as much done as I would have while having a retreat, I did manage to get a little bit of sewing done. I started fixing the wavy borders on Grand Illusion – maybe I’ll be able to get it quilted before the month ends!! I also cleaned up the studio – well, neater than it was, if not as neat as it could be!!! And I also started working on the Christmas exchange blocks that I won at the Christmas luncheon. I have a plan for them now and I can start putting them together.


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