At the Office Again!

Pink Secretary

After a busy weekend, I have get to come into the office and work for the other boss today!! Hooray!!

I missed going to Hand Craft Day on Friday at the library. 😦 I didn’t have get to go into the office, but DH had other plans. Plus the weather was kind of yucky. Then, on Saturday we went to the 80th birthday party of DH’s uncle. It was great seeing a large gathering of family for a happy occasion. And, since Bev is not only a friend, but also family, I was able to talk about quilting for a little bit (Hey girls – less than a week until our “retreat” – I can hardly think about anything else!!)

Then, on Sunday, DH and I joined DS#3, his sweetie and some other friends to go see Sol Driven Train at our favorite watering hole. Here’s a You tube video of their song “Watermelon”

Lots of fun, but now I’m draggin’ my wagon today.

Guess I better put all my concentration on my work, so I can get things finished and then go home and catch up on some much needed sleep.


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