Photographing a Quilt

Well, it’s not the way that I would prefer to do the photograph, but I decided to lay it out on the bed to take a picture of it:


This is the “Bird” quilt that I finished last weekend. This was a mystery quilt that was in McCall’s Quilting magazine in 2012 (well, it ended in 2012 – it might have started in the last 2011 issue) I finished the flimsy in April or May of 2012 and it’s been waiting to be finished since then.


The reason I call it the “Bird” quilt is because the fabric in the center blocks has birds on it – I know, real inventive with naming quilts, aren’t I!?!


Here’s a close up of the binding. I used the technique that you do all by machine, which gives the little contrast piping. Since my binding strips were the same color as the outside portion of the quilt, I thought having that little bit of piping would make a nice contrast.


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