Unfortunately, I don’t need to be extremely wise to install some plastic rods in the casings on my canvas leaders. But it seems like I just can’t bring myself to get that done!

This is for the “Leader Grips” that DH got for me as a Christmas gift. It’s a system for the long arm that allows the fabric to be attached to the frame very quickly and easily. I had to sew casings in the canvas fabric that gets attached to the poles on the frame. Now I need to put the rods that go into the casings actually in the casings!!! The job will probably take all of ten minutes to get done. But, here I am, at the computer doing just about anything but what I should be doing.

The worst part is, I am very excited to actually use the Leader Grips. I think it is going to save a good bit of time and aggravation when loading quilts onto the frame. And, heaven knows I have a lot of quilts that need to be quilted.

Okay, I’m going to do it!!! I’m going to finish this post and then I’m going to get the rods out of the package and get them in the casings!!! This is it!!! Right now!!!


let there be peace

3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. this is so funny to me bacause as we speek I have had a set of those leaders that I got for my birthday in June and I have yet to put mine on.. Not sure why I am delay in this task but I sure do …. Now I will have to wait till you get yours done and quilt a quilt so that you can post all the pro’s and con’s… Love this quilting community. We can live through others.


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