Saving Private Ryan

saving private ryan

DH was watching that movie last night.

The whole movie is really great (if you’re into war movies!) But there were two phrases from the movie that are sticking in my mind today. NOTE: if you haven’t seen the movie, there are going to be some spoilers in this post.

The first ties in with my end quote (scroll down to see that) It’s near the end of the movie where Tom Hanks character has been shot, after the group that has tried to save Private Ryan has gone through all kind of H-E double toothpicks. Tom Hanks whispers in Matt Damon’s ear to “Earn this”

It really struck a chord with me, that each and every one of us needs to “Earn this” After all, men and women have died for us throughout the centuries so that we can live in a free country. Yes, I’m speaking to Americans right now, but I’m still thinking globally. We all live on this blue marble in space and we all should be trying to get along. And, IMHO, we should all be earning the right to be here and by that I mean, we should all be striving our best to make a difference, to live peacefully, to help others.

Okay, that’s as deep as I can get this early in the morning, but I think you get the idea.

Now the other phrase isn’t as thought provoking – I was sewing a good bit yesterday, trying to get as much as possible done on the Grand Illusion mystery quilt before 9:00 pm – when the new episode of Downton Abbey started. I was zipping right through everything just as happy as a pig in a mud puddle, when . . .


I realized that I had FUBAR – I’ll use the polite translation – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition!!


I’ve sewn more than half the blocks together with all of the black triangles and squares towards the inside. I am so angry with these pieces right now, that I think I’ll have to put them in time out for a while. I am not sure what I am going to do about this. Half of me says, “Do some frog sewing and rip-it.” But the other half says, “Are you nuts!?! Un-sewing is the worst thing in the world. And besides, it doesn’t look too bad the way it is.”

I’ll let you know which half wins at a later date.

Click HERE to see all the amazing talent (that sewed their blocks together the way that Bonnie said they should!)


Led a good life

8 thoughts on “Saving Private Ryan

  1. I think your quilt blocks look great just the way you photographed them even if they are not the way Bonnie’s are. If you remember on Celtic Solstice, many people pieced their blocks a little different and the quilts turned out beautiful. You know, they may have done the piecing incorrectly and left it just as it was. Then later they claimed they liked the change they made. Isn’t that really how new blocks are formed! I will feel your pain if you have to unsew, but will feel your glee if you keep the blocks as they are. Whichever you choose, you are going to have a gorgeous quilt!


  2. Embrace your individuality! Who says your way is wrong? Why can’t it be right? Why can’t they all be right and perfect just as they are?


    1. Thanks, Sis! The percentage keeps changes on the way I want to go. I’m at about 70% leave it and 30% un-sew right now. And, I didn’t say they were “wrong” just sewn backwards from the pattern.


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