Happy New Year!!

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Alright, technically today is the second day, but you get the idea!!

I didn’t get a lot of sewing done over the holidays (as was expected!) but I did get to do some visiting with family. DH got a new caboose for his train set:


And some of the grandchildren were able to see it. This DGC liked to pretend to be a bridge or lay things on the track and then “rescue” them just in the nick of time:


DS#2 and DS#3’s girlfriend were trying to figure out something on the phone and DBIL was just chillin’:


DD and DS#3 were playing video games on the new game system – It’s an retro inspired Atari system with 99 old games that the kids played “way back” in the late 80’s and early 90’s:


To top off all the festivities, Bonnie released the final clue for the mystery quilt at 12:01 am on January 1, so we are now able to finish the quilt. Now I have a series of photos to share. The first photo is the Bonnie layout. What she has put together:


This is what I guessed the block would look like – this time the corner blocks are the way Bonnie suggests but I’ve flipped the inner units so that the black triangles are to the inside:


Also, if you will notice in the upper left hand corner there is a strip of orange fabric. This is to represent the plain square cornerstones of the sashing, that Bonnie recommends. But in the upper right hand corner is a green and white pinwheel. This is what I thought the cornerstones might look like. I’m really torn here – I love Bonnie’s quilt, it looks fantastic (click HERE to go to her website and see the finished product.) But I really, really like the pinwheels in the corners of the sashing! What should I do? Do I remain true to my heroine and use the plain cornerstones? Or do I follow the beat of my own drummer and use the pinwheels!?!

Since it will be a while until I can actually get to a point where I’m making any cornerstones I guess “Time will tell”.


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I like the pinwheels as well. Perhaps you could do half the blocks with pinwheels for yourself and half done Bonnie’s way?

    I look forward to seeing which way you go.


  2. I’m with you on the layout. I want to stay true to the original, but I’ve also seen it with sashing that I’ve liked too. Not much sewing going to happen. Headed your way to ski and help my son move to a new place.
    Happy New year and happy sewing!


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