Blogging is Good For Me

I started this blog with the thought that I would be able to share a little bit about what I do with family and friends. I was learning as I went along – and still am!! There were days when I was so frustrated with all the “techy” stuff, that I wanted to just give it up.

Why make things

But then there are days, like yesterday, that make me so happy that I started this place where I babble on about quilting and other things!

I was being just a wee bit hard on myself for not getting every clue finished each week. And, even though I tell myself that it’s not a race; that I can always catch up later, after the holidays, I was whining about being “behind” and how I wasn’t feeling so great.

Well, I just want to say thank you to the kind people that left comments for me!! It really cheered me up to read your words of encouragement. I’m not actually feeling physically better – my blechiness has turned into a full blown cold, which sucks! But my outlook has been turned around 180 degrees! After all, I’m doing this mystery to have fun, not to win any quilting speed records!!! So I’m going to take some advice and relax just a little bit, go sew a little bit, take care of other things that need done a little bit and enjoy life a whole lot!!


Happy jar

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