Hooray! and Another Hooray!


Late yesterday afternoon, I put the final quilting stitches into the “Purple Beast” Let’s all give a cheer for that! I’ve sewn a label in the corner and all I have to do is the binding!! That won’t take too long, since I’m probably going to use the “Magic All Machine” binding method.

Now let’s give another cheer for Clue #4 in the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt!!!

broken dishes

Only eighty units to make and we already have one HST done! Maybe I’ll be able to get caught up on these clues over the course of the coming week. (OH, HA-HA, like that’s going to happen with Christmas day smack in the middle of it!!!)

I’m working for the other boss today, so I better actually buckle down and get some office work done. Sheesh! These bosses and their screwy priorities – they actually want work done instead of quilting!! Can you imagine!?!



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