Mystery Clue #3

Hallelujah! I was able to have a play day on Saturday! Bev and Barb came to visit and we sewed and talked and talked and sewed! It was so nice to get to spend some time with my QFFs.

Barb and I both played with our Grand Illusion piecing. She and I have both decided to use just one fabric for each color instead of making it scrappy, although Barb is using multiple blacks and neutrals. Mine are just one fabric for the black and neutral. Barb was able to finish all her clue #1 units and started on her clue #2. I decided to make a batch of clue #3 units and then jumped back to finish my clue #1 units.


I love Barb’s bright colors. I also love my fall colors. And there are a bunch of other color choices over at Bonnie’s blog linky party that are gorgeous, too. Click HERE to go see them.

Bev hasn’t committed to the mystery yet, so she was putting together her Tumalo Trails blocks:


It made me want to play with my gazillion nine patches, but I remained firm and stuck with the mystery.



6 thoughts on “Mystery Clue #3

  1. I recognized your colors in the mystery before I saw your blog name in the title. They look really good in the picture, but are even better in person. Thanks for having us over to play with fabric. You make our projects look good on your blog.

    Are you up to eight or is it nine Christmas trees today?


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