Some other things I’ve been working on

I’ve been trying to get caught up on some other projects before the big mystery started. I’ve just quilted these three quilts:


On the left is the “Top Secret” quilt I was making for DH. I planned on giving it to him for Christmas, but he surprised me while I was busily working (the long arm is fairly loud when running and I didn’t hear him come home early!) So he got it early. The center quilt is one I made a few years ago and kept as a flimsy. I was stocking up on flimsies at that time to convince DH how necessary it was for me to get a long arm. Now it’s time to get those flimsies quilted!! The purple quilt on the right is going as a Christmas quilt to a young person that said she liked purple flowers.

Phew!!! It feels good to get some of these projects finished!!!!

I’ve got another purple quilt that I want to get quilted and bound before Christmas


And I’m still supposed to be working hard at finishing two “Tumalo Trail” quilts (these are the quilts that require a gazillion nine patches):


Fortunately, there is no deadline for those two!!!

As far as the mystery quilt – I finished sewing the HST this morning – all 280 of them!!!! Either this evening or tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to start sewing the rest of these units:


I only need to make 99 more!!!


let there be peace

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