Tis the Season

Okay, now we can talk about Christmas!! My Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone, so the Christmas season can finally begin. The dinner was a success, if I do say so myself! There were a number of people that were not there due to illness – I hope they are all feeling better now.

We did something new this year and had everyone write what they were thankful for on leaves that we taped to a tree:


Thank you to DD and DS#3’s girlfriend for making the tree and leaves.

Of course, I was so busy with getting dinner on the table that I never took any photos while everyone was here. No one is ever going to accuse me of being a good photographer!! 😉

All the of grandchildren went outside after dinner and spent the rest of the evening making a snow fort. Here are the sad remains on Sunday after the temps came up and melted all of the snow:


And, finally, here is what I’ve done so far on the Bonnie mystery:


There are supposed to be one hundred of these for the first clue, but I’ve only got one so far! I hope that this week isn’t too busy, so that I can spend some time getting them done. I like to keep up with each clue, although Bonnie assures us that even if we don’t get all of one clue finished we should move on to the next clue. That way we have enough done to put some blocks together at the end of the mystery. But it might wind up stashed at the back of the closet, if I don’t put it all together right away. That’s what happened to last year’s mystery “Celtic Solstice” although it wasn’t because I didn’t keep up. I decided to make mine a little bigger than Bonnie’s version, so I need to make seven more blocks. Well, it’s still waiting patiently for those extra blocks to get done!! Other projects took over on the priority scale. And now I’ve started another project!! I really need some sewing days to get caught up on some of this stuff!!! But it isn’t going to be today, since I need to take care of a bunch of office work for DH today!! Better get to it!

Oh, I almost forgot, here’s the linky for Bonnie’s mystery, so you can see what everyone else is doing. click HERE


Be happy

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